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Ujung Recrational Park

Ujung recreational park or often called Ujung Water Garden was built in 1919 and formally opened in 1921 by the King of Karangasem for rest-ing place or a kind of guest house for respected guests like noble families or foreign official guest. There are three big pools at Taman Ujung and in the centre of the North Pool, the main building was built connected with two bridges from the pool’s edges. Next to the pools is a flower – garden decorated with some statues. The main building was built in combination style of European and Balinese architectures and shows a very typical designed-building. On the western part on the upper level is a round -shaped building called “Bale Bengong” (viewing place) from where the beauty of the garden and it’s surrounding can be enjoyed and one can reach the building through a wide and high stairs.


On the hill, north of the garden are two big statues: a big rhino and a big bull from which statues come out water flowing up to the pools. One can watch amazing panorama from the hill and in a distance at the North-east, one can see Bisbis hill with evergreen forest, while at the south is the sparkling blue – ocean of Samudra Indonesia. Rice terraces can be found around the garden and the combination between mountain and seaview can be marvelous to tourist.

Unfortunately this splendid cultural remain has been greatly damaged by the earthquake taking place at the time of Mt. Agung erruption in 1963, followed by another earthquake in 1979.

Ujung Water Garden is located on the East-coast of Ujung resort, Tumbu village, district and regency of Karangasem. It is about 5 km from the Capital Town of Amlapura or about 85 km North-east of Denpasar.

This place of interest can easily be reached by four wheeled motor vehicle or you may just have a Tour excursion from Teba House Ubud Guest House to visit this Cultural Place of Interest.


Ujung water garden was built by King of Karangasem in 1919 and formally functioned in 1921. This water garden is one of the two the King’s resting – places instead of Tirtagangga water garden, north of the central town.

About 250 m North of Ujung water garden, there is a temple called “Manikan Temple” also built by the King of Karangasem, which temple now has gained back its glory after renovation.

Next to the temple is a pond where the King and his people used to carry out a ceremony called “Metirta Yatra” as to request blessing and prosperity to Almighty God.

This kind of ceremony is still traditionally done by the Local Government of Karangasem along with the people, mainly those of “Subak” (farming organization) members of Karangasem regency.

“take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.., May It Be Without Error”

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