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Balinese Dances

9 Mar

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Teba House share information regarding Balinese Dance explanation. Ubud is well known as the center of Art and Culture in Bali wheres most of the Ubud people could dance. It’s begins from the ritual ceremony in Hindu Temple that perform dance to show respect, devotion and gratitude to their God. Now travellers could experience the Balinese Dance as an Art, Cultural Performances in Ubud – Bali to feel the Spirit of the Island of the God.


Legong DanceLegong Dance is a Classic Balinese Dance has a complex wealth movement which is attached with traditional instrument of Bali. Originally Legong is formed by two words; ‘leg’ and ‘gong’.
‘Leg’ means elastic or flexible, slow motion of dance movement. ‘Gong’ it self means gamelan (Bali Traditional Instrument), ‘leg’ combines with ‘gong’ becoming a word of Legong which means an elastic dance movement which is attached with traditional instrument ‘gamelan’. The phrase of Legong Kraton is prosperity of Legong Dance. Usually Legong Dance is brought by two female dancers or more, sometimes character of ‘condong’ is played as starter this performance but sometimes Legong Dance performed without ‘condong’ character. Characteristic of Legong Dance is traditional hand fan (kipas) which is used by the dancers on their performance. Gamelan Semar Pagulingan is the gamelan which is used to accompany Legong Dance Performance.


Kecak DanceKecak is one of Balinese Dance which is created on 1930s and played by many dancers’ especially male dancers. Kecak is played by tens of dancers who yell ‘CAK’ and take their arms up to the air. Kecak dance tells about Ramayana story when a marching of monkeys assists Rama against Rahwana. Kecak is from Sanghyang ritual, it is a dance that the dancer is putted in a trance and able to communicate with God or Ancestors then delivers ideals to community. The dancers wears black and white uniform, except the black and white dancers there are other important Ramayana characters, such as: Rama, Shinta, Rahwana, Hanoman and Sugriwa. Kecak dance’s song is taken from Sanghyang ritual dance without any instrument but only use ‘kincringan’ a toy wear by Ramayana Character on their feet. Around the year 1930s, Wayan Limbak and Walter Spies had created this dance according to Sanghyang Tradition and the story of Ramayana. Wayan Limbak popularized this dance when he did his world trip together with his group of kecak dance.


Barong Macan Barong Landung Lanang Barong Landung Istri Barong Dance
Barong Dance is a dance which is played by two men, one of them plays head part and also the front feet, and the other one plays back feet and the barong tail. Barong which is formed as mythology animal has many kind of form, such as: Lion, Tiger, Wild Pig (Bangkal), Elephant, Cow or Keket (Keket in Bali means The King of Jungle which is called Banaspati Raja).
Barong Dance is an omission culture of Hindu, Barong appearances as a four feet animal or ancient man who has a power of magic. Some says that Barong means bahrwang (beruang/bear in English) a mythology animal has magic power to protect. In fact Barong is not only performed with four feet animal but sometimes Barong performed as two feet animal as well. Barong’s mask is made from wood which is taken from sacred places, like: graveyard or sacred temple, that’s why Barong is a sacred thing which is purified by Balinese Hindu people. Barong Dance Performed together with varieties of Gamelan, such as: Gamelan Gong Kebyar, Gamelan Bebarongan and Gamelan Batel.

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